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What is Your DPO?

What is your DPO? - Guide for Businesses and Suppliers

For owners, it is essential to maintaining a good reputation with your suppliers to manage your DPO appropriately. Paying on time fastidiously

Are You Reaching The Right Party?

Are You Reaching The Right Party?

50% of their time manually locating individuals or correct contact information for debt collection purposes. Over 95% of all debt collectors

Uncertain Future of Small Businesses: Credit

Uncertain Future Of SMB: Credit

The problem that is driving this trend is the pre-qualification process for traditional lenders, most of whom go over every detail of an SMB with a fine-tooth comb

Top 5 Reasons Why Debtors Don’t Pay Up

Top 5 Reasons Why Debtors Don't Pay Up

The debt is not mine, or I don’t owe the debt. (23 percent) I haven’t been given enough information to verify debt. (22 percent) I paid the debt

2015 Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Top 10 Collection Agencies

Principles for Collecting Debt

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