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What Does a Debt Collector Do?

what does a debt collector do - Burt and Associates

When you think of debt collectors, it may conjure up words like; bully, sleazy and annoying. Recently in the news, Bloomberg published an expose on the New York City Marshal (debt collector) Vadim Barbarovich. Bloated revenue and aggressive collection tactics were just a few of the accusations which are pretty typical of the public’s attitude […]

Robocalls Vs Trump

Robocalls Vs Trump FCC Rules for Robocalls

About half of all calls on cell phones in the year 2019 will be automated. Robocalls have become popular the number of calls recorded 3.4 billion per month

Credit Analyses and Debt

The Five Cs - Credit Analysis - Burt and Associates

When it comes to credit analysis, most often this financial examination takes the form of an examination into what is known as – The Five C’s –

And the Debt Collection Award Goes To…

Debt Collection Award

In the spring of 2017, a judge placed a restraining order that barred the federal government from contracting with debt collectors to catch up on the defaulted student loan debt.

Principles for Collecting Debt

Business Debt Collections

Debt Collection Agencies and the Supply of Consumer Credit

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