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What Drives a Debt Collector?

The Unsung Heroes of Business Owners

Debt collectors get an awful reputation everywhere we go. Sometimes it’s embarrassing to tell other people what we do for a living. Especially at parties, it’s just easier to change the subject. Collections agents are known for harassing little old ladies and trying to weasel them into writing checks out of their social security money, […]

Statute of Limitations on Debt Collection

Statute of Limitation on Debt Collection

Diamonds are forever, but debt is not. We recently looked at the ways that debt can affect the credit of a business. What happens when a company or an individual stops caring about that and gives up on making their payments for an extended period? It is important to be familiar with what happens when […]

The Effect of Debt on Business Credit

The Effect of Debt on Business Credit

Just about any business owner would probably be aware of how personal credit works, and how they can find out their credit score. Some new business owners may also suppose that their personal credit is what they should use when they need extra money to grow their business. At first, it might be so, but […]

Cash Handling Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures Controlling Cash

Controlling Cash: Cash Handling Policies and Procedures Part 1 | Part 2 In our previous two blog articles, we discussed the importance of which employees should have access to cash and the significance of separating job duties and creating policies and procedures for dual controls. Since a company’s cash accounts are the most vulnerable to […]

Credit Letter

Hiring a Collection Agency

Top 10 Collection Agencies

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