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Update on the Debt Ceiling

Debt Ceiling

The debt ceiling, which is at risk of being breached, leading to a default situation. At the moment, the $22 trillion number was created

CFPB’s Debt Collection Disclosure Survey

CFPB's Debt Disclosure Survey - Burt and Associates

Recently, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) published a survey in which they asked over 8,000 individuals their thoughts on debt collection disclosures. This survey attempted to determine whether consumers understood these disclosures and whether they allowed individuals to make sound financial decisions.

New Time-Barred Debt Disclosure Decision

New Time-Barred Debt Disclosure - Burt and Associates

Introduction to Debt Statute of Limitations In the most simple breakdown of debt collection legal obligations, a creditor has up to seven years to file suit to collect on that outstanding debt. The date that is considered for the seven-year term is the date that the debt was issued, or the date of the latest […]

What Does a Debt Collector Do?

what does a debt collector do - Burt and Associates

When you think of debt collectors, it may conjure up words like; bully, sleazy and annoying. Recently in the news, Bloomberg published an expose on the New York City Marshal (debt collector) Vadim Barbarovich. Bloated revenue and aggressive collection tactics were just a few of the accusations which are pretty typical of the public’s attitude […]



Hiring a Collection Agency

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