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What is the Deal with the Business

What is the deal with the Business

When your valued or trusted customers stop becoming loyal by paying their bills, a business must reflect on the next step in the pursuance of debt. It is best to have standard procedures established when there is a generation of a new client all the way until you have the possibility of dealing with the […]

What to Know When You Owe

When You are the Debtor

As a business owner, you want to do right by those who help you out and provide you with the service and products that you need so that you can be successful and profitable. Falling behind on your bills may not be your intentions, and it is possible that not paying a bill may be […]

Interview with a Finance Expert

Financial Expert Interview

Here at Burt and Associates, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise of handling collections for all companies large and small. We value the fact that we have numerous of resources and tools used to collect past due AR for all of our clients. Some of our customers are in need for one-time use; […]

Short Steps to Avoid Getting Short Changed

Ethics of Debt Collection

Not everyone can afford to have a team of in-house collectors handling and chasing after past due AR. Having a small business means that you have to be able to run your company to the best of your ability and only hope to have to reach out for help in desperate times. It also means […]

Hiring a Collection Agency

Top 10 Collection Agencies

Business Debt Collections

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