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Making Collection Calls

It’s a fact that no business owner enjoys making debt collection calls. From a business owner’s point of view, a collection call is ‘just one more thing’ on a long list of many things they must complete, and worse yet it doesn’t make a new sale. From an emotional perspective, no one want’s to feel […]

Keep Contact Information

Good Communication Leads to Good Debt Collection

Ever had difficulty finding someone’s contact information? It can be a serious problem when you need to collect on a past due account, and you can’t find your customer’s phone number. Avoiding the situation could have been possible if it were not for missing contact information, and now it means the customer’s payment is delayed […]

Avoiding Bad Debts Part 3

Avoiding Bad Debts : Developing a Payment Policy.

Avoiding Bad Debts Part 3: Send Reminder Bills. Developing a Payment Policy Part 2 Ever needed a reminder to complete a task? Maybe to get your dog from the groomer, return the Redbox DVD you rented or possibly to pick up milk from the grocery store? You end up leaving a trail of notes for yourself, […]

Avoiding Bad Debts Part 2

Avoiding Bad Debts : Developing a Payment Policy.

Avoiding Bad Debts Part 2: Clearly Mark the Due Date on Every Bill You Send. Developing a Payment Policy Part 1 Developing a Payment Policy Part 3 “A Lannister always pays their debts.” – The Game of Thrones One of the most famous mantras in the popular television series The Game of Thrones is, “A […]

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Hiring a Collection Agency

Debt Collection Agencies and the Supply of Consumer Credit

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