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The Snowball Debt Plan: What it Is and How to Use It


Trying to pay off debts are faced with the difficult question of prioritization. What’s known as a debt avalanche – Snowball Debt Plan

Debtors Go to Jail for Unpaid Debts?

Debtors Go to Jail for Unpaid Debts?

What is a Debtor’s Prison? Back in the old days, if a person owed a debt to anyone, he or she could be arrested and thrown in jail. Under FDCPA

Mini-Miranda Rights

Mini-Miranda Rights

Mini-Miranda rights were established by the FDCPA of 1977 to guard consumer protection. It gave consumers legal protection against abusive debt collectors

Restarting the Clock on an Old Debt

Restarting The Clock of Old Debt

As discussed in previous articles, creditors seeking to collect on old accounts that are long past due must collect within their state’s defined statute of limitations. Failing to recover unpaid bills before the statute of limitations expires means sacrificing any legal recourse to sue the borrower/debtor to force them to pay what they owe. However, […]

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Debt Collection Agencies and the Supply of Consumer Credit

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