Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
bond (noun)
something that binds or restrains - fetter
a binding agreement - covenant
a) a band or cord used to tie something
b) a material or device for binding
c) an attractive force that holds together the atoms, ions, or groups of atoms in a molecule or crystal
d) an adhesive, cementing material, or fusible ingredient that combines, unites, or strengthens
a uniting or binding element or force - tie the bonds of friendship
a) an obligation made binding by a money forfeit , also the amount of the money guarantee
b) one who acts as bail or surety
c) an interest-bearing certificate of public or private indebtedness
d) an insurance agreement pledging surety for financial loss caused to another by the act or default of a third person or by some contingency over which the third person may have no control
the systematic lapping of brick in a wall
the state of goods made, stored, or transported under the care of agencies until the duties or taxes on them are paid - bonded
a 100-proof straight whiskey aged at least four years under government supervision before being bottled - called also bonded whiskey
- bond paper
bond (verb)
transitive verb
to lap (as brick) for solidity of construction
a) to secure payment of duties and taxes on (goods) by giving a bond
b) to convert into a debt secured by - bonds
c) to provide a bond for or cause to provide such a bond - bond an employee
a) to cause to adhere firmly
b) to embed in a matrix
intransitive verb
c) to hold together in a molecule or crystal by chemical bonds
to hold together or solidify by or as if by means of a bond or binder
to form a close relationship especially through frequent association - the new mother bonded with her child
bond (adjective)
archaic bound in slavery
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