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Burt and Associates is a Collection Agency that specializes in Commercial Collections with coverage for Washington.

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Contact us to speak with a New Account Information Representative.   We will discuss your overdue accounts in detail. After thorough debtor investigation, we will tell you which accounts show promise of collecting (there may be conditions, such as bankruptcy, which have voided the debt).  We will also suggest which accounts may be better handled in house.

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Burt & Associates a national Business-Debt Collections Agency with full collection coverage for Seattle area
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With the improving economy, Burt and Associates may be able to help collect debts which were previously uncollectable.  Some debtors are in a better financial position than they have been in years – all the more reason for you to collect the money owed you.

Collection Laws

We hope that this information on Seattle Collection Agencies assists you. The following is a summary of the Washington Collection Laws. The information here may not be 100% accurate and should not to be construed as legal advise.

    • Seattle Collection Laws Interest RateLegal: 12%Judgment: 12%


    • Seattle Collection Laws Statute Of Limitations(Years)Open account
      : 3Written Contract: 6Domestic Judgment: 10Foreign Judgment: 10
    • Seattle Collection Laws Bad Check Laws(NSF) (Civil Penalty)Lesser of check amount or 12% interest, collection costs up to $40. If taken to court, reasonable attorney’s fees, 3 x value, or up to $300. Now have 6 years to enforce a bad check
    • Seattle Collection Laws General Garnishment ExemptionsGreater of 75% or $64 wk. (40 x state minimum hourly wage)

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