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Burt and Associates a National Business-Debt Collection Agency with full collection coverage for California.

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Contact us to speak with a New Account Information Representative.   We will discuss your overdue accounts in detail. After thorough debtor investigation, we will tell you which accounts show promise of collecting (there may be conditions, such as bankruptcy, which have voided the debt).  We will also suggest which accounts may be better handled in house.

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With the improving economy, Burt and Associates may be able to help collect debts which were previously uncollectable.  Some debtors are in a better financial position than they have been in years – all the more reason for you to collect the money owed you.

Learn more about debt and credit collection in California and the debt collection services offered by Burt and Associates.

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Debt Collection in California

Californians rely on credit cards and other forms of lending more so than the average national borrower. In the first quarter of 2015, the average Californian borrowed $5,196 in consumer credit.

Mortgage lending is greater in California, too. By first quarter of 2016, Californians owed an average of $334,925 on their home mortgage.

Student loan debt continues to rise for current pupils and graduates in California. Seventy-percent (70%) of California students that graduated in 2016 owe student loan debt over $30,000.

As a lender, what are your options for collecting consumer debt, mortgages, educational loans and commercial loans? Your best bet is to get a professional debt collection agency on your side.

California Debt Collection Agency

There are several legal avenues a creditor can pursue to recover debt from a delinquent borrower. Here’s a look at some of the ways Burt and Associates can help recover the money owed to you:

  • Outreach. We follow California debt collection laws and procedures to legally collect from your debtors. We make every legal effort to contact and find your debtor — and settle the outstanding account.
  • Arbitration. As a third-party arbitrator, we’re positioned to reach a satisfactory resolution for you and the debtor. Our tactile approach doesn’t rely on intimidation or aggression. Our goal is to get as much money back to you as possible and make sure your debtor makes their payments.
  • Remuneration. Once we’ve worked out terms of payment on your debt in California, we can facilitate the logistics and exchange of monies. Managing accounts-receivable is our specialty.
  • Protection. We can advise you on your risk as a lender. Use our debtor evaluation services before you extend a line of credit to a new borrower.
  • Consultation. Not sure about how to collect on your debt? Let us help you out. Debt recovery is what we do. We’re here to answer all your questions and do everything we can to make you whole.

Burt and Associates California Collection Agency

If you need to collect on delinquent credit accounts or any other form of debt in California, contact the experts at Burt and Associates.

Burt and Associates is fully accredited by ACA International and the Commercial Law League of America. Let us help you collect on your California debts. Call us at 1-877-740-7839 or get a free quote online.