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Commercial Collections

Get All your Money and Dramatically Reduce Your DSO.


Our Collection Approach is different in the Industry

“Recovery Rate of 39 % when the industry average 23 %, Achieve 33% Higher level of Collection vs Industry Average”

Debtor Information

  • The cornerstone of successful collections is the research that begins right from the minute a customer’s delinquent account turns to Burt and Associates.
  • Unlike most organizations, where they begin by collecting accounts through inefficient methods for collections, Burt and Associates first treat your accounts through the civilian investigators, gathering all known information and to submit financial data to our staff collection.
  • Our Collector Agents start the recovery process with great knowledgeable of company affiliations, property, trade practices history, credit history and published news articles. Our Competitors try to reduce the cost of investigating a limited number of accounts and they fall into the category of “Penny-Wise & Pound-Foolish”.
  • The fact that our recovery rates double and sometimes triple that our competitors often appear as evidence of this fact.

Collection Expertise

  • Our Personnel is achieved through the employment of professionals in the collection industry. Burt and Associates seeks experienced commercial collectors and extend the experience through the team structure. We believe that adequate staffing can not be done with the “Revolving Door” hiring practices in our industry. We attract few professionals by paying higher fees in the industry and creating a quality work environment.
  • Our work environment relates to support, without micro-management that tends to push people away independents. Because our staff consists of people with business ownership or senior management’s previous experience, we are more able to relate and communicate with decision makers in the business.
  • The ability of our staff allows us to exchange critical information relevant to the advice and solutions that ultimately create the payment of overdue accounts. Our personal commitment to provide the best representation of the collection industry.

Technology / Collection Software

  • One of our successful collections strategies is the management or your accounts. This is base in our quality control system that makes sense. In the collection industry, most of the times the accounts are transfer to collection agents of less experience and talent, and when they begin to age, this accounts are harder to collect, (read about the accounts receivable aging schedule).
  • Give your collection more difficult for the less qualified and less experienced personnel is NOT your best interest. Our system analyzes the difficulty of the accounts to transfer to our collectors with greater ability. Our Managers are always willing to help, or even take over the collection requirements of your accounts. In most organizations, the main producers never allowed to be in the production floor and thus their experience and ability are never shared with other members of the company. Look at our resources like Interactive business debt recovery chart
  • This unique structure creates an environment for training while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and experience in the industry. In fact, do not be surprised to hear from our officials, or that he is somehow involved in the recovery efforts. Our philosophy is that every member of our staff are accountable to you as a client to retrieve your money.

Commercial Collections Goal

  • Burt and Associates has the interests of their clients before their own. We provide customer profile searches on your accounts before you give credit. These are just three of the ways that we put you, the customer in first place

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