New Customer Evaluation – Proactive, Preventative Services for Current and Prospective New Clients:

Before you extend credit, we provide insight regarding the credit worthiness of a new customer. These searches include; credit history, company affiliations, property owned, trade practices, plus a host of other factors affecting credit worthiness.

Bankruptcy Watch:

Debtors in danger of filing for bankruptcy are added to our “Bankruptcy Watch” program.  This proactive measure enables us to immediately advise our clients on courses of action available in the event one of their debtors files for bankruptcy.

Diplomatic Arbitration:

Utilizing the level of aggressiveness tailored to each account as specified by you, we work with your debtor to resolve their financial obligations.  This approach safeguards your company’s reputation, as compared the damage caused by overly aggressive, hostile or illegal collection practices.

Debtor Evaluation:

Upon entering a collections agreement, we look at each debtor and debt(s) to determine the probability of collecting.  This likelihood is premised upon factors such as; the age of debt, debtor’s current financial state, debtor assets, if an insurance or bonding company was involved, if the debtor owns a franchise, is a sub-contractor or answers to an authority figure in the process of running their business.

We also determine if other debts which supersede our client’s debt (such as tax liens, or unpaid Income Taxes). There is also a myriad of additional factors which are unique to any specific debt and debtor.

Accounts Receivable Management:

One of our core competencies is managing your (in collections) accounts-receivable, from start of collections through receipt of the final payment. We handle all collections related bookkeeping, so it never confuses nor interferes with our client’s books.


We have resources capable of providing financial support and financing to clients and/or their debtors with short-term cash-flow hardships (available on a case-by-case basis).

Consulting Services:

We offer Consulting Services for Accounts Receivable, In-house Collections, and Back-Office Functions.