The # 1 Rule of Debt-Recovery: Time is of the Essence.

The probability of collecting an account 61+ day’s past due is only 60%.  As a result, the account’s original dollar value has depreciated to 60% of the original balance.*

As a Top Business Debt Collection Agency in the U.S. – Burt And Associates has specialized in Business Debt Collections since 1979 for over 17,000 clients.

Burt And Associates Debt-Collection Success Rate is 33% Higher than the Industry Average. **

Before hiring a debt collector, consider the following:

  • Can you accept possibly losing your customer for life?
  • Are you willing to risk having your customer warn others not to do business with you, based on their experience with your debt-collector?
  • Are you prepared for lawsuits filed by angry debtors, claiming your collection efforts violated laws?

Overly aggressive, hostile, or illegal debt collection practices lead to problems. Burt and Associates does not use these practices.  What’s more, you choose the assertiveness-level you prefer.

* Source:

** Source: Commercial Law League of America, Founded 1895


  • The Burt and Associates Difference — Our Collection Methodology Produces a 33% Higher Repayment Rate *
  • U. S. and International Collections
  • Licensed and Bonded in Every State (where required)
  • In-house Licensed Paralegal
  • Collectors are Extensively Trained and Certified

* Source: Commercial Law League of America, Founded 1895


  • New Customer Evaluation: to Determine the Risk of Extending Credit to a New Customer
  • Debtor Investigation: On-site Visits, Background and Asset Searches
  • Bankruptcy Watch: Advises of any Debtor’s Bankruptcy Activity
  • Diplomatic Arbitration: A Low-key Approach to Resolving Debtors’ Financial Obligations
  • Legal Network: When Efforts have Not Resulted in a Repayment Agreement
  • Certified Field Collectors in every State — On-Site Collection Visits
  • A myriad of Repayment Solutions for Debtors
  • Accounts Receivable management from Start to Completion of Collections Efforts
  • Lending for our Clients — For Short-term Cash-flow Problems (on a case by case basis)