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Dealing with Debt Collectors

Ethics of Debt Collection

Debt collectors get an incredibly poor reputation, but they are invaluable to both businesses and individuals. While it’s important to pay your debts, you can begin

Tax Debt Collection and You

Tax Debt Collection

As a taxpayer, you can protect yourself from shady debt collecting practices by being aware of your debt situation. Private tax debt collectors can reach you via letters, emails, phone, or text messages

How to Recover Your Delinquent Accounts

How To Recover Delinquent Accounts

One of the first signs that a customer may have money trouble is late payments. The customer, this is the debtor, will continue to pay on their account, but the payments begin to get later and later.

Update on the Debt Ceiling

Debt Ceiling

The debt ceiling, which is at risk of being breached, leading to a default situation. At the moment, the $22 trillion number was created




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