Value Analysis

When considering which Commercial-Debt Collections Agency to choose, your first action may be to compare rates, as it is an excellent place to start .  Once you have rates, it is now time to do a value analysis.

VALUE = a combination of:

Rate.  If checking another Agency, ask specifically what services they provide.  Then, compare to all you will receive from Burt And Associates.

Percentage of All Debts Collected.Ask them to give you (in writing) a percentage of all assigned debts they collect.

Credentials. Burt and Associates has the following credentials:  For details on these organizations,  see our Credentials page.

  • Association of Credit and Collection Professional
  • Commercial Law League of America

Licensed.  In order to legally perform as a Collection Agency, most states require licensing.  A debtor can dispute collection efforts on the basis the Agency is not licensed to do business in that state.  Burt And Associates is licensed in every state (where a license is required)

Collection Services you will receive. Within this website, we detail what you can expect from us.  Burt and Associates offers a full suite of Collection Services.

You receive these benefits as a client of Burt And Associates:

33% Higher Collection Rate than the Industry Average.*

Licensed and bonded in each state they do business in (some states don’t require a license).

Member of, and following the ethical standards set by both The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA)  and The Commercial Law League of America (CLLA).

* Source: Commercial Law League of America, Founded 1895


Does another agency:

Only send demand letters?

Perform due diligence in obtaining all available information about the debtor?

Have Certified phone collectors?

Is partnered with Certified field collectors in the state(s) you have accounts in?

Is partnered with Attorneys in the area(s) you do business in?
Offer different levels of collection assertiveness, as directed by you?
Offer diplomatic arbitration?

Provide (collections) accounts receivables management. Handling your collections accounting from beginning to end?

Offer complimentary new customer credit-risk analysis?

To further understand the value Burt and Associates offers, please contact us and speak with a New Client Information Representative