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In Mississippi, no pre-lien notices are required. Mechanic’s lien laws specifically include engineers as long as actual work is underway. A lien must be filed within 12 months from when unpaid fees were due. A Stop Notice for subcontractors is also available to freeze funds the owner may still have. Mississippi Code Title 85 Chapter 7 §131.

State exemption statute and 11 USCS § 522(f) must be applied together, thus,
debtors seeking to avoid nonpurchase-money security interests under 11 USCS § 522(f)(B) in “household goods” under Miss. Code Ann. § 85-3-l(a)(vi) were limited to the definition of “household goods” in the Mississippi statute, such that for example, a debtor could avoid a lien on only one television, but Miss. Code Ann. § 85-3-l(a)(iv) did expand the number of items that could be eligible for judicial lien avoidance pursuant to 11 USCS § 522(f)(1)(A). In re McCoy, — Bankr. — , 2003 Bankr. LEXIS 374 (Bankr. N.D. Miss. Apr. 23, 2003).

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